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Shelley’s Favorite
17 Graduated white South Sea Baroque pearls Center is 16.7 mm down to 14.2 in the back
Pearls are separated by emerald rondelles and hammered gold rondelles
Clasp is 18 K yellow gold and diamonds

Price on request


N 4004
Aquamarine nuggets separated by 18K
yellow gold nugget.
S clasp yellow gold



N 4008 - Mermaid
5 strand necklace with rubelite garnets, peridot, tourmaline, pink amethyst, blue topaz, prenite, baroque fresh water pearls, and 18K separators



N 4010 - Hilka
Description: Double strand faceted peridot rondelles with South Sea teardrop pearl
18K gold clasp



N 4014 - Carolee*
Multi-colored Tourmaline briolettes with round gorgeous!!!!! Fresh water pearls and tourmaline rondelles
Shell clasp of 14K yellow gold


*Can be done with multicolored sapphires


N 4017 - Bethie G
60” Lariat with sterling silver, ametrine, chalcedony, rubies, pink amethyst, pearls, citrines, aquamarine, rose quartz



N 4026*
5 white South Sea Teardrop pearls on black rawhide with 18K slide clasp for knot in back


*Necklaces can be made with 1-7 pearls   prices on request


N 4028 - Princess Susie
60” Lariat – rubies, prenite, blue lace agate, pearls, citrines, chalcedony, fluorite, tiger's eye, amethyst, rose quartz, sterling silver and 18 K clad beads



N 4033 - Cathy C
7 strand combination of akoya pearls, rice pearls and freshwater pearls twisted into choker with 14K white gold clasp



N 4035 - Sheila*
Double strand white Keshi pearls with sky blue teardrop topaz briolettes. Large center teardrop briolette as center piece.
Sterling silver clasp


*Can be done with any type of stones- prices upon request. Example


N 4037 - Adele's Sunset
7 strands of rondelles-appetite, kyanite, peridot, rhodolite, prenite, orange citrine, designer appetite with fresh water seed pearls and 18K clad clasp



N 4047A - Danielle
Choker with fresh water pearls approx 11mm and gold filled oval circles



N 4047B
34” long with 36 fresh water pearls approx 8+mm
Chain is gold filled ovals



N 4047C
36" necklace with white round fresh water pearls, 36 in all, surrounded by gold filled oval circles



N 4048 - Stephanie
47" long sterling silver linked chain with tiger's eye and smokey quartz faceted square
Clasp large sterling silver spring ring



N 4051 - Lynn's Lariat
29" Lariat with gold filled chain and Keshi pearls. On bottom there are 2 large crystal teardrops



N 4052
Choker with 18K gold and fresh water pearls approx. 13 mm with pinkish, lavender tones



N 4052A
Natural Pink Fresh water pearl choker separated with 18k tubes.
Teardop Black Tahitian pearl approx 14mm
Single black Tahitian pearl approx 13mm hanging from center



N 4053A
Choker made of fresh water pearls w 15 mm Tahitian teardrop pearl in the center with 18K white and yellow separators



N 4053B
31" long 18k yellow gold with fresh water white pearls



N 4053C
42” 18K tubes & fresh water pearls



N 4054 - Waterfall
Teardrop Tahitian pearls on 14k white gold link chain with 14k yellow gold separators and bead caps



N 4055 - Marcia
26” Lariat with faceted disk multi colored tourmaline with teardrop South Sea White Pearl and Black Tahitian teardrop pearl with 18K handmade bead caps



N 4056
Choker with large multi colored tourmaline teardrops with pearls and 14K gold separators
Chain is 18k yellow gold



N 4058
Lariat- 33” long with Fresh water ivory pearls –approx 7.5mm connected by sterling silver wire



N 4059
Triple strand of appetite rondelles with fresh
water white baroque pearls approx 10mm
White gold clasp



N 4060 - Jocelyn
Choker 14 K with 16 diamonds totaling 1/2 carat bezel set diamonds on both sides of the necklace



N 4061
Choker with 14k small circles separated with large white round fresh water pearls



N 4063
7 Tahitian Round pearl approx 11 mm ea. With 18 K yellow gold and diamond rondelles on either side
Chain is sterling silver with 18K gold clad links



N 4067 - Jane*
7 Black Tahitian teardrop pearls on natural rawhide


*Necklaces can be made with 1-7 pearls   prices on request


N 4068
Large chalcedony teardrops separated with white Keshi pearls, turquoise rondelles and sterling silver beads. Chalcedony is surrounded by Jade briolettes
Clasp is sterling silver



N 4072 - Scherharazade’s collar
Double strand 39 Tahitian pearls ranging approx 14 1/2-13mm. Separated by pink sapphire rondelles and filigree beads made up of 18K yellow gold and diamond. Necklace can be made as a single strand with 20 pearls

Price on request


N 4076
Lariat with chalcedny, rose quartz, 18k, citrine, akoya pearls, blue topaz and blue lace agate.



N 4077
Lariat with rose quartz, fresh water pearls, citrine, amethyst, prenite with 18k beads.



N 4078
Lariat - 18k chain with aquamarine nuggets, blue topaz, pink amethysts with jumbo fresh water lilac pearls



N 4079
Lariat with Kunzite nuggets, Akoya pearls, black Tahitian pearls with 18k chain



N 4080
10 strand multi-colored fresh water round pearl necklace with rose quartz and pink amethyst briolettes with aquamarine rondelles. Sterling silver clasp.



N 4081
Rhodolite garnet necklace with Akoya pearls, pink amethyst briolettes, 14k beads, and a center kunzite nugget



N 4082
Citrine faceted rondelles with chrome diopside (green) fresh water pearls, 14k clasp



N 4085
3 strands of chrome diopside faceted rondelles with huge charcoal Tahitian pearl with 14K cap



N 4086
Double strand of Blue Topaz faceted rondelles with white gold and diamond rondelles and 7 Black Tahitian round pearls approx. 10mm. (Can be done with different stones)

$2500 as shown


N 4087
Round Tahitian pearls 13.2mm - 10mm with 18K rondelles



N 4088
14k yellow gold chain choker with black Tahitian teardrop pearls



N 4090
14K antique chain with 5 huge black roundish Tahitian pearls



N 4091
5 Black Tahitian pearls on a scallop of rawhide pearls approx. 13-14 1/2mm




N 4093
6 teardrop grey Tahitian pearls approx. 11mm




N 4094
8 Black Tahitian teardrop pearls on rawhide. Pearls approx. 12mm.




N 4095
Freshwater white round approx. 10 1/2 mm with white gold diamond rondelles



N 4096
Scallop rawhide with 5 Tahitian pearls varying in color of grey tones approx. 9+mm

$650 as shown
(Prices change depending on size and quality of the pearls)


N 4097
9 Strands of black spinell rondelles mixed with grey Tahitian Baroque pearls, gray Akoya pearls and pink fresh water round pearls. Sterling clasp.



N 4098
6 teardrop greyish Tahitian Baroque Pearls with 14k bead caps on black rawhide




N 4099
Single Tahitian Pearl

$150 as shown
(Prices vary depending on size of pearl)


N 4100
Gold circle 14k on black rawhide
Also done with diamond briolette hanging in the center (not shown)

$550  (with diamond $750)


N 4101
Gold circle choker



N 4102
Triple strand Akoya pearls with 14k with gold and diamond clasp and bars



N 4103
Single South Sea Pearl approx. 15mm with 18k gold cap with diamonds on both sides on a twisted black cord

Price on request


N 4104
Double strand of ivory balloon pearls with gold vermeil separators, gold vermeil clasp